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Well here goes !! Lucky enough to get my 1st Moto bike a Honda XR70 when I was around 10 years old & lived on it, Broke both my arms on it but loved it.

Eventually out grew it and my Dad had lost interest & so moved into his Yamaha DT175 & it was a great partnership & we were best pals until I was 16.

At 16 I got my Moped a Suzuki TS50, Bright Yellow & Awesome.

So of course I joined the Moped Gang and we travelled all over the place, never got bored & saw the whole country at 35 mph.

Then passed my test & moved up to a Yamaha IT175 , so you get the picture, a bike “NUT”.

Eventually grew up, travelled the world for 2 years, fell in love and settled in London for 12 Years ( not really an Enduro Paradise).

So within a week of moving back to the country I had another KTM 250 EXC & started Enduro’s, where I found my true passion.

The rest as they say is history, now aged 42 with two boys who compete in the British Championships the love of the sport is as strong as ever.

I have completed a number of events overseas for personal pleasure & a sense of achievement but this time I can make a difference.

I have entered the” Enduro Africa 2010” to help people through a common love of Biking & raise over £5,000 + to help give something back.

If you like what you have read and understand what I am desperately trying to say, then please sponsor me for any amount , it really does make a difference.

I won’t let you down, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by & help.

Please take a look at these links to see what a wonderful project this is & what has been achieved to date








The Enduro Africa Challenge is a breathtaking ride. Nothing we can say on this website will ever prepare you for the way you'll feel when your trusty Honda is blasting up the steep inclines of the wild coast - or barking into life on a misty morning with the huge rolling waves of the Indian Ocean deafening the sound of your bike.

Nothing we can say on these pages will prepare you for the nerves you'll feel on starting the Enduro Africa event, the pure adrenalin you'll feel on most of the rally's stages or the sheer joy and exhilaration you'll experience on completing the tour. This website cannot give you even a glimpse of the friendships you'll make, or how much your perception of life will have changed on completion of the event.

Enduro Africa is by no means a ride for experts, this is a ride that appeals to every skill level however the terrain you will encounter during this rally is extreme. It is essential that you take up Enduro Africa's off-road training weekend and that you are confident on an off-road motorcycle before you join us in Africa. Make no mistake this ride will test your confidence, spirit and determination at times and can be both physically and mentally draining. The rally is more a test of endurance than skill on a bike and although we will be riding for quite some time each day, there is rarely a feeling of having to rush, the ride is a team event and you will be looked after by your team mates at every stage. There is full medical support, radio communication and breakdown recovery and every team will have an extremely experienced team leader to see them through. This event is totally off-road, the accommodation is clean and basic and the food is excellent.

Do not under estimate the challenge you are about to embark on, please engage with the Enduro Africa team in the run up to the event to ensure you are properly trained and prepared to tackle the route. The most important qualities you will need to take part are a sense of humour, a helpful, open-minded attitude and the ability to work as a team or think for yourself, when the circumstances demand it. You should be mature enough to look after yourself whilst keeping an eye out for the others around you. It will also help if you are reasonably fit and have some off road experience, even if the pre-event training has taken place on a few off road weekends this will stand you in good stead during the ride.


Each year adventurous motorcyclists from all walks of life - beginners and expert riders alike - leave their 'normal lives' behind to take up the Enduro Africa challenge; to ride for 8 days across some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery in South Africa. Why? To help save and improve the lives of many people in desperate need. These amazing participants, you included, will ride from dawn to dusk each day truly off road as they take on the awesome 'wild coast' of South Africa, one of the continents most stunning landscapes.

The ride is set against the dramatic backdrop of South Africa's Eastern Cape, a place where the needs of the poorest are far removed from our own here in the developed world. This challenge offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself and push your limits. The aim of the rally is to raise at least £150,000 to the charities we support. The conditions we tackle throughout the event ensure that all riders will be tested to the limit whist maintaining a high level of safety. For the less experienced rider a team member will always be available to offer help and advice. Without doubt the adventure is suited to novice and expert alike. In the hands of the Enduro team you will gain the confidence to tackle the challenging roads and variable conditions that lie ahead.

Whether negotiating one of the amazing river crossings, riding flat out up the beach past the spectacular Jacaranda shipwreck, or tackling a steep ascent with the waves roaring 200 feet below - you will find the experience of Africa exhilarating and memorable. Africa 'speaks' to you on so many different levels, your view on life will almost certainly have changed when you return from this trip.

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